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Pg 4: And then we thought: why not produce these shows ourselves? The cast sizes are small enough to make a profit in an Off-Broadway venue. And we have the experienced management team already in place. Of course, we'd have to choose just one show and we just couldn't do it. Below is a blow-by-blow, show-by-show "elevator speech" summary of our 6 plays and 3 musicals. Which would YOU choose? So we're sticking to our original mission: we develop all the shows. Whoever invests with us enjoys double the royalty and an ownership piece of all 9 play's future -forever. And someone else (nonprofit or commercial) produces the final production. Ask us about it. (continued on the next page)

*ALWAYS, WILDE, a drama. (3 males) By Grant MacDermott.

     The funny and surprising meeting between the established but controversial poet Walt Whitman and the younger flamboyant Oscar Wilde is historical fact. But one can only speculate what was discussed under the watchful eye of Walt’s long-time assistant.

*BAYA CON DIOS, a drama with dance. (2 females + 2 males + an additional dancer) By Cyril Amanfo.

     A 15-year-old girl is guided through her Quincinera by a dying Nigerian mother, a stubborn Puerto Rican father, a lovesick teenage suitor, and her obsession with dance.

*BIRTHRIGHT, a drama. (2 females + 3 males) By Jad Kaiss.

     Omar is a young Lebanese man who, with his Brooklyn apartment roommates (Black female and White male lawyers) stumble into the lives and wisdom of an elderly White couple living at the facility where Omar’s grandfather has recently passed away.

*JURY!, a new musical theater adventure.  (2 females + 3 males) By Mitch Weiss in collaboration with Tyrese Shawn Avery, Josh Ferguson, Josephine Glass, Harrison Lee, Missa Thompson, Ricardo A. Zayas.

     Twenty years in the future, a Latino gang leader, his Asian girlfriend, his Black step-mama, and his 2 loyal crew members, take us on a journey with mistaken identities and murder before magically arriving on what appears to be an alien planet.

*LAST COFFEE IN ROCKVILLE, a new musical.  (1 female + 1 male) Book, music and lyrics by Julian Mesri.

     Two young Latiné lovers chase the “American Dream” in this original musical. Unaware that their lives were entangled before their chance meeting, both are blindsided when past events and immigration laws stand in the way of their happiness.

*EVERYDAY MONSTERS, a drama. (two females + two males) By Grant MacDermott.

     Four seemingly supportive and caring people are forced to reveal their innermost demons to each other. On the surface, a socially-awkward older sister finds first love at the supermarket, while her popular younger sister, her 5-year-old son, and philanthropic husband live the suburban dream. But behind basement doors, the jaw-dropping truth lurks.

*FUN WITH JANE, a musical comedy. (8 females + 4 males) By P.Gaffney, S.Harrison & M.Weiss

     A working-class woman is thrust into an unlikely alliance with a pop-singer and a political socialite who use insider trading to raise $100 million dollars for charity. Things get very complicated when her billionaire boss falls for her and a corrupt S.E.C. agent inserts herself into their "good deeds".

*SUBMISSION, a drama. (2 females + 4 males) By Khial Watson.

     A play about two 20-something martial-arts-loving brothers who learn to trust each other in spite of their womanizing uncle, his psychotic violent girlfriend, and an unexpected challenger.

*VAGABOND, a drama. (4 males) By Matthew Ethan Davis.

     Set in a shoemakers shop in 1856 Pennsylvania 3 craftsmen battle the advancing Industrial Revolution, challenged by notions of male love and sexuality. Their lives are turned upside down by the arrival of a charmingly handsome stranger.

Join us in this process: There are 3 ways you can help these writers and The Farm: 

1. Find us a non-profit theater to further develop one or more of these original works

2. Find us an independent producer (you?) to take over the reins of any one show

3. Become a "shareholder" in The Farm. NO MINIMUM INVESTMENT. The Farm maintains an ownership piece of all 9 of our projects and you will "own" a piece of the Farm.

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