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Pg 2: The Farm (We Grow Theater!)'s history of commissioning and long-term commitment to the development of new plays and musicals began in June 2019. The pandemic didn't stop us! Along the way, over 140 talented writers, actors, and directors have been enlisted in our mission to create new content for the American stage. Aspiring playwrights were recommended to us by trusted professionals and we began by reading and critiquing their desired storylines, setting deadlines, asking for rewrites over and over again. We asked talented performers to perform for the benefit of the writer (and a few friends). And then we waited for yet another rewrite.
(Note: We are not accepting new projects at this time.) continued on the next page...



Assisted living, Walt Whitman, Quinciñeras, dancing, mixed martial arts, Lebanese-Americans, Nigerian Igbo, Oscar Wilde, death, 1850’s shoemaking, suburban housewives, a gay rainmaker, rattling basements, murder, American citizenship, reality, fantasy, senior citizens, young people, and of course, love – find it all in our 6 new original plays by amazing writers.

THE PLAYS: ALWAYS, WILDE (3 males) by Grant MacDermott, BAYA CON DIOS (3 females + 2 males) by Cyril Amanfo, BIRTHRIGHT (2 females + 3 males) by Jad Kaiss, ELYSIUM (2 females + 4 males by Vinson German, EVERYDAY MONSTERS (2 females + 2 males) by Grant MacDermott, SUBMISSION (2 females + 4 males) by Khial Watson, VAGABOND (4 males) by Matthew Ethan Davis.

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casts and directors:

Join us in this process: There are 3 ways you can help these writers and The Farm: 

1. Find us a non-profit theater to further develop one or more of these original works

2. Find us an independent producer (you?) to take over the reins of any one show

3. Become a "shareholder" in The Farm. NO MINIMUM INVESTMENT. The Farm maintains an ownership piece of all 9 of our projects and you will "own" a piece of the Farm.

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