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Pg 3: As experienced Broadway pros, our mission is to critique, view, and rewrite until each show is ready for a public production and worthy of the kind of investment needed these days to open a show. Musicals are especially difficult to develop: costly and time-consuming. The 'book' to a musical (script) is tricky to read and songs require additional people with specialized skillsets. We accepted the challenge because we have musically-experienced FARMers. We think our musicals are winners. 
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Insider trading, dancing, billionaires, aliens from outer space, Latiné immigration, bad-ass women, music, coffee, futuristic gangs, courtroom trials, prose and poetry, reality, fantasy, parents, young people, and of course, love – find it all in 3 musicals by our amazing composers, lyricists, and librettists.

THE MUSICALS: FUN WITH JANE (7 females + 5 males) by Perri Gaffney, Stanley Harrison & Mitch Weiss; LAST COFFEE IN ROCKVILLE (1 female + 1 male) by Julián Mesri; JURY (2 females + 3 males) by Mitch Weiss in collaboration with Tyrese Avery, Joshua Ferguson, Josephine Glass, Harrison Lee, Missa Thompson & Ricardo A. Zayas


Writers with

their casts

and directors:


Join us in this process: There are 3 ways you can help these writers and The Farm: 

1. Find us a non-profit theater to further develop one or more of these original works

2. Find us an independent producer (you?) to take over the reins of any one show

3. Become a "shareholder" in The Farm. NO MINIMUM INVESTMENT. The Farm maintains an ownership piece of all 9 of our projects and you will "own" a piece of the Farm.

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